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 Our Dream Is To Help Children Achieve Theirs

We believe that each of us is born with unlimited skills & abilities, so we’ve made it our mission to help inspire each child to reach their full potential. It’s important for us to create and maintain an empowering environment to cultivate creativity and courage to help each child dream bigger.

”A great person inspires others to see for themselves.”

– Harvey Mackay

The best thing is the warm teachers who speak many different languages and come from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures.
Dad of student, 2 years old
They like Joyful Education because of all of the good friends they’ve made there and they’ve learned a lot of colors as well!
Mom of students, 2 & 4 years old
The best thing about the preschool is the high teacher to student ratio.
Mom of student, 2 years old
They have a lot of opportunities to get out of the school environment and into the forest.

Dad of students, 3 & 4 years old

Our Values

Within Joyful Education we strive to reach our goals based on our core values.



We believe that joy brings happiness & is closely linked to our actions. As the bible says, joy fills the hearts of those who plan peace and who deal justly with others.



 Loves the driving force behind Joyful Education and creates a platform of genuine concern in our environment that everyone is aware of. 



Trust is a cornerstone in Joyful Education. We influence each other to be confident and ready to face challenges in life with bravery.



We believe every small part is important to create unity. We are united in our values and work together to make Joyful Education awesome.


Live it

Anything we do, we do it with excellence so here at Joyful Education it is our intention to meet each challenge in life with greatness. 


Embrace it

Joyful Education works with people and children from all over the world creating a friendly atmosphere with engaged global citizens.

Our Approach


The well-rounded development of each child at Joyful Education is of the utmost importance to us, so we strive for excellence in each area of their education. Everything at our preschool, from the curriculum to the environment is created with your child’s best interest at heart. Not only do we follow the Swedish academic approach we also include many other elements to enhance their creativity, compassion and learning. See below for more details!

Academic Program

Our professional and competent teachers make sure that all learning is in accordance to the Swedish Curriculum for the Preschool Lpfö (Revised 2010).

Playful Learning

We teach your child in a playful way about each subject in the curriculum such as: science, literacy, arts, crafts and mathematics.

Daily Prayers

We thank God for our food each time we eat through rhymes, singing, to create an awareness of gratitude for the blessings of life.

Centrally located

Joyful Education is a centrally located in Stockholm. It’s just a two minute walk from Odenplan Metro station or it’s easy drop off your child by car outside.

Multilingual Approach

Each classroom has access to a Swedish and an English speaking teacher. Our inspiring, holistic learning environments are where students actively practice both languages, in a diverse group setting.

Nature Outings

Our weekly park and forest visits provide a good environment for development, play and learning. Spending time outdoors and in nature is very important for your child’s well being and fine/gross motor skills development.

Cultural Outings

We let your child experience different cultural activities such as museum visits, children theatres, musical events and more.

Library Visits

We are just one block away from the City Library of Stockholm which allows us biweekly visits, giving your child the opportunity to borrow books in different languages to enhance their literacy training.

Private Playground

We have our own well-equipped and wonderful playground that is accessible for your child to play in and enjoy. The playground is designed in cooperation between parents, architects and teachers.

Recycling / Environmental awareness 

Environmental awareness has never been more important than today. E.g. the kids make their own toys with old electronics they bring from home, using their creativity and imagination.


We have our own woodwork room where your child, in a small group, can practice their creativity in a playful and safe way.


We document your child’s development from a holistic approach and invite you to participate in this ongoing progress. You will receive all documentation as a memory of the first years of your child’s life.

Children´s Influence

Your child’s thoughts and ideas are important to us. Every Friday after morning circle time your child chooses an activity presented by a teacher using flashcards.


Keeping family members around the world updated with the progress of your child is not easy. To support you we created a private instagram account where the children take turns in photographing their daily activities. Private identity is respected.


Singing and playing music is integrated throughout the day. Music develops your child’s brain in areas involved in language development, reasoning and thinking creatively. It also helps children to connect with God as we include Christian inspired songs about Jesus and the Bible.

Buddy Program

Learning to take responsibility and showing compassion are very important life skills. We have therefore developed a buddy program that gives the older children the opportunity to teach the younger children simple tasks.

Developmental Talks

During each semester we will have a developmental talk about your child. We also include a language mapping of your child once a year.

Giving Back

Joyful Education supports ALEF, Adult Learning and Empowerment Fund, on a monthly basis. ALEF was created for adults who missed the chance of attending school as a child. Joyful Education is always looking for new opportunities how to impact positive change in our world.

Your Child’s Future

Each great future begins with a great present

We believe in the importance of building a strong foundation of self-worth in children in order to have a healthy confidence. It’s our hope that from their time with us that they will each have developed the confidence to continue to grow and fulfill their potential.