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Joyful Education is authorized by the Stockholm Municipality to run an international preschool with Christian values with Swedish and English as the language of instruction. We welcome all children between the ages of 1-6 in the Stockholm Municipality with open arms and an open heart.  Parents interested in applying to our preschool are welcome to fill out the application below or scroll down to read more about our policies.  We welcome all parents to visit Joyful Education so that you can witness our incredible facilities in person!


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We at Joyful Education take great care to ensure that we are not only in alignment with Swedish regulations but do our very best to help you raise well-rounded compassionate children. To learn more about us and to see if we are a good fit for yourself and your child, read on below.

We prioritize hiring not only highly qualified teachers but the ones that live by the values we wish to instil in the children.

Joyful Education preschool operates along with the following guidelines & policy documents:

  • The Education Act (2010:800)
  • The Swedish National curriculum for the preschool (Lpfö – 98, revised 2010)
  • General quality inspections of the preschool by the Department of Education
  • The preschool plan of the City of Stockholm
  • Work environment act 12
  • The secrecy act and the social services act ( SoL 14 th chapter 1 st paragraph )
  • The annual curriculum, the equality plan, and other plans and policies of Joyful Education international preschool
  • Presently the preschool is open 7:30-17:00. If the need of increased care hours arise Joyful Education will arrange that in accordance with Stockholm Stad´s time frame 6:30-18:30. The preschool serves breakfast if needed for any child. Joyful Education follow the fee according to Stockholm Stad called Maxtaxa. The fee is charged 12 months a year and is related to your income. The caretaker is responsible to provide correct information in regards to the income. You can read more about this at
  • By logging in to your page in Stockholm Stad (Min barnomsorg) you can add your child to Joyful Educations queue.
  • We follow the queue regulations of Stockholms Stad learn more…
  • Form of complaint
  • GDPR Policy
Our value base is found in the curriculum for the preschool ( Lpfö – 98, revised 2010 ) and the school law (2010:800) which establishes that the objective of education in preschool is for the children to gain and develop their knowledge and values, which is a great addition to Joyful Educations foundation based on Christian values.